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How to create a Good web design

A good web design doesn’t depend on its complexity or the number of functions it has. A lot of websites owned by big companies that have million dollars assets look so unprofessional and seem to be designed so badly.

Boomarts Infotech is a leading web design services Chennai, what makes a web design good enough and what it takes for us to come up with a good website design?

Website Components

Even though each website will have different components from one another, some main components usually remain the same in most websites. Two of the main components that exist in just about any website on the internet are:

Menu – Often referred to as navigation is an extremely important component of a website. The way it looks, the placement, and most importantly its functions could be a determining factor for the visitors to stay on your website or leave and never come back.

Content – Getting visitors to your website is one thing, but making them stay and keep coming back is a whole different matter. This is a factor that often referred to as stickiness,

Three important things we have to mind


Internet users appreciate websites that are easy to use, not everyone has time to learn how to use website features. So make sure whatever features you decide to put on your website are easy to use, especially main features like navigation. Ideally visitors should be able to understand how to use your website functions in just a few seconds.

Loading Time

The importance of quick and easy interaction also make the loading time of a website becomes a vital factor.  Loading time is one of the most important things to consider in web designing.


Not only the design of the whole page should look interesting, but it’s also important to have something that can grab the attention of your visitors in the first few seconds even before the website loads completely. This could be the key element that will make your visitors willing to spend time on your website.

At Boomarts Infotech, we provide Quality and branded web design service in chennai, time bound, cost effective services with innovative technology.

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