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Bootstrap Overview- Boomarts Infotech

Define Bootstrap and its Benefits

Bootstrap Overview

Bootstrap uses the HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT framework to develop the mobile layout. Bootstrap may be a free front-end framework for quicker and easier internet development. Bootstrap includes HTML and CSS based mostly style templates.

Bootstrap has been designed to focus on responsive design where a website can adapt its design based on screen from which it is being browsed.

The grid in Bootstrap basically contains 12 columns. And the whole Idea while developing or designing a page is how many columns should each component in a web page take. Everything is designed with respect to that measure.

Benefits of Boostrap

Speed of development – web tested Bootstrap classes to speedy responsive web development.
Mobile design – web projects should be developed focused on mobile platform. Bootstrap is made for that. Flexible grid based layout automatically adjust itself based on screen sizes.
Consistency – Different browser, screen and media consistency was a great challenge for the team of Bootstrap. It has been handled well in Bootstrap as it works in almost same way in all different browser, devices.
Customizable – Bootstrap can be customized at the time of download itself from its official website. So no need to download a long big size of .css or .js files or depend on a specific type of theme or color. Everything can be customized (even what feature we want in Bootstrap) using customize tool from Bootstrap official website.
Great community support – With all awesome advantages of Bootstrap, it also comes with a great community support where the continuous improvising happens by third parties.
Futuristic development – Bootstrap supports all the latest web standard of HTML5 and CSS3, so we do not need to worry about older technologies.
How to Download

To download Bootstrap, go to Bootstrap’s official websitehttp://getbootstrap.com and click on Download. In current, website design you would be redirected to another webiste where there would be “Download Bootstrap” button, click on it and it will download a .zip file.

Unzip the downloaded .zip file and we would get following folders and files

Root folder (unzipped)
Boostrap Boomarts Infotech
Root Folder Boostrap

Sub folders under root folder

Files under “css” folder – contains main bootstrap css filesb3
Files under “fonts” folder – contains font files containing Glyphicons icons

Files under “js” folder – contains .js files s
upported for different bootstrap functionalityb5

Installation Bootstrap Overview

Depending on a specific folder structure, we can cut-paste these files into our project.

For example, for ASP.NET MVC default project structure we can move all .css files to “~/Content” folder, .js files to “~/Scripts” folders and keep fonts folder in the root.



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