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web designing training in chennai

Common web designing mistakes

The web designing  should be simple. Too many frames, animations, multiple fonts, sizes and colors tend to distract and confuse the viewer. Boomarts Infotech is an affordable, practical and professional Web design and development service.  We serves web designing training in chennai. Common web designing mistakes are summarised below.

  1. Skipping “alt” and “title” attributes. Be sure to use these attributes for every link and image on your website.
  2. Failing to provide information that describes your web site. In other words, you should be clear and forthcoming about the purpose of the web site. Include a clear yet brief description on the first page or include it in an “About Us” link. You should even describe why the information may not be useful for some people.

3. Changing URLs for archived pages. web designing training, do so in a way that will allow you to move content into an archive without having to change the URL

4. Not dating your content. You must continually update your content if you want return visitors. Date stamp each page somehow even if it is only putting “last modified on…” somewhere on the page. Also help readers to easily find new content some way such as creating a “new info” link, etc.

5. Creating busy, crowded pages. web designing training methodologies your points short and relevant with links to more detailed information for people who want to pursue the topic in greater detail.

We will do web designing training in chennai permit actually trust a style that enables grow up your knowledge square get into today’s competitive market.

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