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3D Password

It is based on the fact of Human memory (Recognition, Recalling, Biometrics or Token based authentication). Once we implemented, then log in to a secure site, the 3D password graphical user interface (GUI) opens up.
User can simply put an additional textual password. In the first authentication, a 3D virtual room (virtual garage) will open on the screen. The 3D password is a multi factor authentication system.
Virtual garage having unique properties and the user will then interact with these properties. Each object in the 3D space, can be moved around in an (x,y,z) plane. Only the true user can understand and knows the thing which he has to choose between many. This is the Recall and Recognition part.
Security can be improved by the fact by including Cards and Biometric scanner as input. Based on the nature of scheme and techniques, there are two types of Authentication schemes,
1. Recall based
2. Recognition based
3D password is a combination of both recall-based and recognition based .We don‘t use biometric scheme because biometric having cost effective. So we have not used biometric authentication in our 3D password scheme. The user can interact with the environment and creates own 3D password easily.

Purpose of proposed system:

It provides more secure authentication technique
Design and develop more users friendly
Then overcome the drawbacks and controls of previously accessible systems.


3D password is multi-factor and multi password authentication scheme.

Working of 3D password scheme:

First Authenticate with username and password. And if authentication successful, then moves in a 3D virtual environment.
Then computer with a keyboard will be seen on screen. For that, enter a password which is the form of encrypted co-ordinates.
After that, user automatically enters into an art gallery and performs with any object
The user is selecting objects that the sequence of points is stored in a text file in the encrypted form.

3D password secure authentication scheme:

3D password scheme is more secure against different attacks. Those are,

Timing Attacks:
It is based on how much time required completing successful sign-in using 3D password scheme. And effective while authentication not well designed.

Brute force Attacks:
For this, the attacker has to try a large number of possibilities of 3D Password. It considers requiring time to login and Cost required to attack.

Well-studied attacks:
In this, the attacker has to study the whole password scheme and tries combination of different attacks.

Key logger:
This way is more effective for textual password and the attacker install the software call key logger.

Shoulder Surfing attacks:
It is more effective than other attacks. Because the attackers use the camera for capturing and recording 3D passwords.


3D password can be used for various purposes,
• Nuclear & military
• Airplane & jetfighters
• ATM,
• Cyber cafes,
• Industries
• Laptop‘s or PC‘s,
• Critical servers,
• And web services.


• More secure and can change easily.
• It can’t take by other person and 3D graphical password has no limit.
• It can remember easily and helps to keep lots of personal details.


• The shoulder-suffering attack is still can affect
• More expensive
• A lot of programming code required.

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