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HTTP Overveiw Uses of HTTP - Boomarts Infotech

HTTP OVerview : uses-of-http-in-internet

HTTP Overview – (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is that the set of rules for transferring files (text, graphic pictures, sound, video, and different multimedia system files) on the globe Wide internet.
HTTP is to boot used as a generic protocol for communication between user agents and proxy/gateways to different internet systems.

Uses of HTTP- Boomarts Infotech

Uses of HTTP- Boomarts Infotech

There square measure 3 common types of intermediary:


A proxy may be a forwarding agent, receiving requests for a URI.

A gateway may be a receiving agent, acting as a layer higher than another server(s).

A tunnel acts as a relay purpose between two connections. While not ever changing the message.

How http Works

If we tend to dumb it all the way down to rock bottom level, protocol could be a method for purchasers to request info from an internet server, and for net servers to supply responses to those requests. After you kind http:// into your browser’s address bar, your browser (the client) sends Associate in nursing protocol request to Site Point’s server. Site Point’s server then processes your request, propulsion information out of the information, making the hypertext mark-up language, and returning it to your browser.

There are two kinds of requests commonly made to a server:

1. GET

There are 2 forms of requests ordinarily created to a server: “GET” and “POST” requests (and affirmative, this is often why markup language forms allow you to set a submission methodology of “GET” or “POST”). The strategy used specifies however the info is distributed. You’ll notice that if you produce a type with the “GET” methodology, the values entered within the type are passed on the URL. If you utilize the “POST” methodology, they’re sent behind the scenes. That’s why, let’s say, web soul forever asks if you wish to resend the info after you reload the results of a “POST” request — it’s rental you recognise that one thing was sent behind the scenes and should be resent for the request to method properly.

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logo-trademark-services-chennai- Boomarts Infotech

Logo Trademark Services in Chennai

Boomarts Infotech offers one of the service of Logo Trademark Services Chennai. A company’s brand is the primary source of its competitive advantage very valuable strategic asset.

We appreciate the fact that protecting the Brand or Corporate Identity is basis of all business strategies and also expands future business opportunities.

Our dedicated team assists you in simple, economical way of registering your brands and protecting it from possible violation from competitors.

We discuss our fee transparently and charge you nominally for the professional services we provide to you. You are rest assured that there will be no more hidden charges for the Brand name Registration. 

Advantages of Trademark Registration

  • Unique Identity
  • Legal Protection
  • Creation of Asset
  • Trust or Goodwill
  • Makes Trademark Familiar

Process of  Logo Trademark Services

Application Preparation  –> Trademark Filling –> Trademark Registration

Once the trademark application is filed with the Registrar, the Government processing will start. We will provide trademark application status tracking through SMS, Email and iCFO Platform.

Logo Trademark Services – Flowchart

Logo Trademark Services Chennai- Boomarts Infotech

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Pendrive disadvantages-USB Drive disadvantages-Boomarts Infotech pen drive images

Pendrive Disadvantages

Disadvantages of USB Flash Drive [ pen drive information  ]

A pen drive information may be a moveable Universal Serial Bus (USB) non-volatile storage device for storing and transferring audio, video, and knowledge files from a laptop. List of Common pendrive  information are here.

Basic Problems

1) It will have a cyclic era, if things like dirt goes within then it’ll not work properly.

2) Flash drives will sustain solely a restricted variety of write area.

3) Most USB flash drives now not embody a write-protect mechanism.

4) Another pendrive disadvantages is tiny size is that they’re simply misplaced, left behind, or otherwise lost.

5) Most USB integrates a computer circuit board with a metal tip that’s merely soldered. The strain purpose is wherever the 2 items be a part of one.

6) It might break at the strain purpose.

7) USB flash drives have a high worth per unit of storage and on the market in tiny items.

8) Cables with this USB aren’t compatible with USB two.0 USB 1.1 devices.

9) More high-priced than alternative types of removable media.

Pendrive disadvantages-Boomarts Infotech

major Problems on Pendrive disadvantages [ pen drive information  ]

1) Generic Volume Can’t Be Stopped Right Now – this can be a standard pen drive drawback that happens on windows software once we attempt to take away pen drive by clicking on safely take away hardware choice.

2) Remove Write protection From Pen drive – this can be another common pen drive drawback that comes once we wish to delete the info from pen drive.

3) Pen drive is detected however Not Showing in My Computer – typically once we plug-in a pen drive to our laptop, the system instantly detects it however doesn’t show it in My laptop. This happens thanks to disk management.

4) Problem In data formatting Pen drive – typically once we attempt to format our pen drive, appear box seems that says “Can’t format the drive”. There are some ways to resolve this pen drive drawback.

5) USB Device Not Recognized or Malfunctioned – This drawback comes once we infix a pen drive to our computer, the pc displays a message in receptacle, that says “One of the USB device connected to your laptop has malfunction”.

Read more additional blog- How to increase your system speed.

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3D Internet

3D Internet

3D Internet

Also called virtual worlds, the 3D INTERNET may be a powerful new approach for you to succeed in customers, business customers, co-workers, partners, and students.

3D Internet

3D Internet

It combines the immediacy of tv, the versatile content of the net, and also the relationship-building strengths of social networking sites like Face book

People who participate in virtual worlds keep on-line longer with a heightened level of interest. to require advantage of that interest, numerous businesses associated organizations have claimed an early stake during this invasive market.

They embrace technology leaders like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco, firms like BMW, Toyota , Circuit town , Coca Cola, and fashion designer, and immeasurable universities, together with Harvard, Stanford and Penn State.

How is it working 3D Internet



Introduction of 3D Internet

3D technology internet has enormously modified the manner folks see and navigate the web. nowadays 3D technology internet is greatly most popular by folks attributable to its real and crystal clear expertise.

3D Internet

3D Internet

One reason for its quality is that it’s quite completely different from ancient 2 dimensional experiences. The demand for 3D worlds depends on the amount of captivation that the programs provide to customers and vendors.

3D animations, 3D games, 3D net and 3D TV ar some necessary samples of this technology. Conversely, the opposite facet of image is that 3D technologies particularly 3D net can even cause redoubled cyber crime magnitude relation, as long as 3D net is changing into increasing fashionable nowadays.

3D Internet Technology and parts

Though the technology and parts used for 3D web internet square measure same as utilized in ancient web conjointly it interacts with an equivalent servers and search engines.

however being a lot of social 3D web internet is completely different from ancient second web.

The fantastic issue regarding 3D internet is that participants learn the maximum amount from one another as from reprimand any official supply of knowledge.

3D web search is additionally thus advanced because it opens a colossal array of potentialities once it involves search and browse information. Through 3D web multi users will scan an equivalent documents.

You connect organically with others that share your interests and access an equivalent service as alternative use. folks can even watch on-line 3D movies via web with no buffering time.

3D web conjointly offers alternative facilities like virtual conferences, support teams, academics, coaching chats and looking.

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What is Trademark

What is Trademark

What is Trademark-Distinctive style, graphics, logo, symbols, words, or any combination there from that unambiguously identifies a firm and/or its merchandise or services, guarantees the item’s genuineness, and offers it owner the legal rights to forestall the trademark’s unauthorized use.

Trade Mark should be distinctive rather than descriptive, append ant to the item sold registered with the acceptable authority to get legal possession and protection rights.

trademark is any name, symbol, figure, letter, word, or mark adopted and employed by a manufacturer or bourgeois so as to designate his or her merchandise and to differentiate them from those factory-made or sold by others

TradeMark may be a sign that you simply will use to differentiate your business’ merchandise or services from those of different traders.

trade mark is often painted diagrammatically within the variety of your company’s brand or a signature.

Through a registered trade mark, you’ll shield your whole (or “mark”) by proscribing people from exploitation its name or brand.

A TM may be a word, phrase, symbol, and/or style that identifies and distinguishes the supply of the products of 1 party from those of others. A service mark fuzzy signals a word, phrase, symbol, enumerate/or style that identifies and distinguishes the supply of a service instead of merchandise.

Classification of Trademark










Reason for Use Trademark

Effective communication tool

Make it easy for customers to find you

Allow businesses to effectively utilize the Internet and social media

Can be a valuable asset

Make hiring easier

It’s an bargain to obtain

Trademarks never expire

Liability to Registered Owner

Presumption of Ownership

State Law Protection

Option to Expand

Federal Protection

Option to Expand

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Virtual screening Technology | What is Virtual screening Technology

Virtual screening Technology

A virtual screening Technology (VST) may be a computer program system that

Virtual screening Technology

Virtual screening Technology

augments virtual objects into reality either through a projector or optical show victimization sensors to trace a personality’s interaction with the item.

As an example, employing a show and a rear projector system an individual may produce pictures that look three-dimensional and seem to float in point.

Some systems utilize associate degree optical head-mounted show to reinforce the virtual objects onto the clear show utilizing sensors to work out visual and physical interactions with the virtual objects projected

Growth of Virtual Screening Technology

Currently, virtual screening Technology (VST) square measure used primarily for recreation and analysis functions. A well-liked virtual bit screen system is that the Kinect system created commercially on the market by Microsoft.
The Kinect system is primarily used for shopper recreation like enjoying games and victimization the menus found on the Xbox system.
However, in recent years the Kinect has been used for analysis comes within the field of AI and three-D interactions outside of the sphere of games like browsing the online, and medical practices.

There is a possible for the technology wherever the 3D visualization and physical interaction with the objects is critical, like teaching students introductory calculus.

Virtual bit screen technology may also be applied to show non-touch displays into interactive, touch-capable surfaces employing a Kinect detector together with a projector.

This style of application permits virtual bit technology to boost personal show usage furthermore as higher communication and presentation of knowledge to be utilized in education or business settings.

How It Works

The key parts for these technology square measure special eyeglasses, an indoor DDDR (defined distance with defined range) camera, associate degreed an air-touch interface.

Once coupled along, these parts permit users to act with a virtual device that may be modified at any time from an easy computer keyboard to a keyboard or barely screen.
The eyeglasses square measure needed to actuate the keys on the virtual device. They’re equipped with miniature displays that may be seen with 2 eyes or simply one eye.

The glasses permit the user to ascertain the encompassing surroundings whereas additionally displaying knowledge, images, and input devices.

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List of Image Editing Softwares-Boomart Infotech

Image Editing

Image Editing

In this Article we describes how to Edit the image  and List of various Image Editing Software are available in the online resources.

Setp-1 Open a file/Image

Step-2 Click on the Edit PDF tool within the right pane.
Click the text or image you would like to edit. Athlete shows you the tools you’ll would like.

Step-3 Add or edit text on the page. Lines and paragraphs reflow mechanically; otherwise you will click and drag to size parts.

Step-4 Add, replace, move, or size pictures on the page victimization alternatives from the Objects list.

Step-5 Click on the Link, Headers and Footers, Watermark, or Background tool to edit your PDF additional.

Crop and straighten

The Crop tool offers you plenty of the way to enhance the composition of a photograph. Use it to trim away edges, amendment the form and size of a photograph, and even straighten a crooked bound or horizon.
Improve lighting and color

Brighten a photograph and create its colors pop victimization adjustment layers.
Remove unwanted content

Remove stuff you don’t need in an exceedingly picture quickly and seamlessly with the Spot Healing Brush tool and also the Patch tool.
Add creative effects

Make your photos special by adding artistic effects. Convert a color icon into a bespoke black and white. Experiment with color tints for associate degree old style look. Or flip a cluster of buildings into a miniature village with the Tilt-Shift Blur filter.

Sharpen and save

Give your picture a final touch by sharpening its edges. Save your emended picture in PSD format with layers intact for future writing, and output a duplicate as a JPEG to share on-line or by email.

sharpen Tool in Photoshop-Image Editing-Boomarts

sharpen Tool in Photoshop-Image Editing

List of Software for Image Editing

Affinity Photo
Photoshop CC
Serif PhotoPlus X8
Photoshop Elements 14
Adobe Lightroom
DxO OpticsPro 10
PaintShop Pro X8
Handy Photo
Photo Editor by Aviary
ACD Systems ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee Photo Editor
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
Apple Aperture 3
Corel PaintShop Pro X5
DxO Optics Pro 8
GIMP 2.8
Phase One Capture One Pro 7
Pixelmator 2.2 ‘Blueberry’
Pixlr Editor
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.

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Increase your system speed

Increase your system speed

If your PC is wasting little precious time, don’t let a slow system stop your productivity. Use these 10 Tips on how to increase system speed to keep it your mind desktop and laptop machines running smoothly.

List of 10 Tips to Increase system speed

1.Increase system speed Remove Viruses and Spyware

You should regularly scan for viruses and spyware. Access your antivirus and manually perform a scan. You can schedule these weekly. If your have more than one antivirus system speed will not better.

2.Make changes for higher Performance

To lose your visual effects make your system speed will increase.

Mouse shadows – click on “computer,” and then “system properties,” and then “advanced system settings.” You will find a performance settings button that allows you to select “adjust for best performance.”
Also reduce your screen resolution, its helps slightly increase system speed and improve battery life.
3.Make changes for higher Performance

There are a few physical things you can do to increase system speed, as well. You can and should add more RAM memory until the computer is at capacity. The latest version in the market DDR4 SDRAM (double data rate fourth-generation synchronous dynamic random-access memory)

4.Upgrade to an SSD Drive

Finally, you can upgrade to an SSD drive. This will increase system speed, but they are more expensive and have overall less storage capacity. Windows seems to be doing a better improve your system speed. Recently added to the list

Crucial MX300 SSD
Samsung SSD 850
Samsung SSD 850 Evo
Temp Keyword to clean

Press Window Key + R
5.Run command box will appear and then type %temp into the box.
Clean up keeping your junk files.
increase system speed temp file to improve system speed

6.Reduce things that Run on Startup

If your system takes a long time to start up, the first thing you want to do is see everything it starts when you hit the power button.

7.Press Window Key + R
Run command box will appear and then type “msconfig” into the box.
Click on the “Startup” tab. Some things you want to leave alone. For example, your Antivirus. Others, such as Adobe Acrobat or Google Toolbar Notifier, you don’t need to startup with your computer.
8.Clean your Browser

Regardless of your browser, you should clean it out regularly. To clean Chrome,

Click the three bars icon in the upper right corner.
Select History Remove the cookies and cached items.
9.Clean up Drive

Clean up your drives by typing “cleanmgr.exe” into the run menu to access Disk Cleanup.
This is search programs and files box that shows when you hit the Windows Start icon, usually in the lower left of most screens.
10.Remove Programs not In Use

When your system will Hanging the simplest way to solve this problem, You should also review which programs you no longer need and uninstall the application on your system. Select Control Panel click All Control Panel Items and Program and Features.

how to Unistall the software

Remove Programs not In Use-Boomarts Infotech

11.increase system speed uninstall programs
12.Scan For and take away Malware

Anything that starts with “mal” must be stopped. You should regularly scan your system to get rid of any malware that may be slowing your system speed.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials is a top rated free tool that does this.
Avast contains has free tools, as does Norton.

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5-pen-pc-technology- Boomarts Infotech

Pen PC Technology

Communication technology

In the modern world, communication technology is rapidly increasing. Pen PC Technology The main communication machine is computer. But now a day we are using mobiles, iPods, Laptops.
The scientists and engineers are now making an effort to make pen computers. These are computers in the shape of different pens and each one having a utility of its own and when combined together give us the use of a developmental computer.
P-ISM (“Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package”), which is the new discovery and under developing stage of Japanese technology company NEC Corporation in 2003.
It is connected with one another through short-range wireless technology and the whole set is connected to the Internet through the cellular phone function. They are connected through Tri-wireless mode and kept in a small pen like device.

Pen PC Technology:

It enables the ultimate ever-present computing and this is connected with a wireless technology, and the entire set up is connected to the internet through the cellular function.
It is designed by Tour Ichihash. Similarly, it is a device package including five functions:
• A pen-style cellular phone with a handwriting data input function,
• Virtual keyboard,
• A small projector,
• Camera scanner,
• Personal ID key with cashless pass function.
Components of 5 Pen PC:
1. CPU Pen: It is known as computing engine and it uses the dual Core processor. Then works with windows operating system.
2. Communication Pen: It acts as a Cell phone, pointer, ear- piece and using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Technology for communication.
3. Visual Output / Display: It acts like a monitor which is LED projector. The size of the projector is of A4 size and approximate capacity is 1024×768. Thus it gives more clarity and a better picture.
4. Digital Camera: Digital camera is available in the shape of the pen and connected with Bluetooth. It used for video recording, video conferencing and used as a webcam. It is very small and portable and 360-Degree Visual Communication Device.
5. Battery: The size is extremely small and work for longer time. Also battery life of 6+ and it can be used for 2 weeks.
6. Virtual Keyboard: Virtual Laser Keyboard (VKB) is the new device for PC users. The VKB emits a laser beam to generate a full-size perfectly operating laser keyboard that smoothly connects to of PC. The laser keyboard acts like an “ordinary” keyboard.
Keyboard Features:
(i) It can be changed by Sound and Controllable key clicks.
(ii) It has the Intensity and appropriate connection to the Laptop/ PC port.
(iii) It has the adjustable sensitivity and coordinated timeouts to save the battery life.
(iv) VKB has the ability of Auto-repeat and more compatible
Pen PC Technology Pen PC Technology Advantages:
• It is Portable, executable and workable
• It can be present easily anywhere and everywhere
• This PC, Supports Wi-Fi technology
• Pens produce both the monitor and keyboard on any flat surfaces
• It is expensive
• Keyboard concept already exists. So it is not new.
• It is tough to do the right positioning of this product and unclear.


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3D Password

It is based on the fact of Human memory (Recognition, Recalling, Biometrics or Token based authentication). Once we implemented, then log in to a secure site, the 3D password graphical user interface (GUI) opens up.
User can simply put an additional textual password. In the first authentication, a 3D virtual room (virtual garage) will open on the screen. The 3D password is a multi factor authentication system.
Virtual garage having unique properties and the user will then interact with these properties. Each object in the 3D space, can be moved around in an (x,y,z) plane. Only the true user can understand and knows the thing which he has to choose between many. This is the Recall and Recognition part.
Security can be improved by the fact by including Cards and Biometric scanner as input. Based on the nature of scheme and techniques, there are two types of Authentication schemes,
1. Recall based
2. Recognition based
3D password is a combination of both recall-based and recognition based .We don‘t use biometric scheme because biometric having cost effective. So we have not used biometric authentication in our 3D password scheme. The user can interact with the environment and creates own 3D password easily.

Purpose of proposed system:

It provides more secure authentication technique
Design and develop more users friendly
Then overcome the drawbacks and controls of previously accessible systems.


3D password is multi-factor and multi password authentication scheme.

Working of 3D password scheme:

First Authenticate with username and password. And if authentication successful, then moves in a 3D virtual environment.
Then computer with a keyboard will be seen on screen. For that, enter a password which is the form of encrypted co-ordinates.
After that, user automatically enters into an art gallery and performs with any object
The user is selecting objects that the sequence of points is stored in a text file in the encrypted form.

3D password secure authentication scheme:

3D password scheme is more secure against different attacks. Those are,

Timing Attacks:
It is based on how much time required completing successful sign-in using 3D password scheme. And effective while authentication not well designed.

Brute force Attacks:
For this, the attacker has to try a large number of possibilities of 3D Password. It considers requiring time to login and Cost required to attack.

Well-studied attacks:
In this, the attacker has to study the whole password scheme and tries combination of different attacks.

Key logger:
This way is more effective for textual password and the attacker install the software call key logger.

Shoulder Surfing attacks:
It is more effective than other attacks. Because the attackers use the camera for capturing and recording 3D passwords.


3D password can be used for various purposes,
• Nuclear & military
• Airplane & jetfighters
• ATM,
• Cyber cafes,
• Industries
• Laptop‘s or PC‘s,
• Critical servers,
• And web services.


• More secure and can change easily.
• It can’t take by other person and 3D graphical password has no limit.
• It can remember easily and helps to keep lots of personal details.


• The shoulder-suffering attack is still can affect
• More expensive
• A lot of programming code required.

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